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IELTS Practice Tests was developed by a group of tutors who realised that, while Cambridge University Press IELTS books are fantastic and really give the students what they need, there just isn't enough of them. Some students who are desperate to improve their IELTS scores quickly need to do at least 2 tests a day for a month to get up to speed. That's approximately 60 tests!

Imagine if you want to practice for 6 months? Or a year? In which case there isn't enough IELTS practice tests in the world.

Tutors and students around the world use our IELTS practice tests when they've used all the tests in the Cambridge University Press IELTS books

We know of course that what we have on the site is still not enough to fill demand and there are schools and tutors out there writing their own material and setting up their own websites too. That's great! We need thousands of tests out there.

IELTS Practice Tests is completely non-profit. That means that after costs are paid, any money over is spent on hiring expert IELTS tutors to write practice tests.

Special things about our IELTS practice tests:

* Completely original work - even the articles used in the General and Academic IELTS reading tests and the statistical graphs used in Academic IELTS writing practice tests are written from scratch after much research is done to confirm the information contained.
* Student input. The writing and speaking questions are based on actual questions used in IELTS exams that students have come to us later and said they'd received. While official IELTS reading tests are changed every year, writing and speaking questions continue to reoccur. This means practicing with these questions will better prepare you for the real exam.
* Up-to-date knowledge of what students encounter at exams. This means that as we find the IELTS exam getting harder, we'll adjust the questions to be in line with IELTS expectations. Cambridge IELTS exams are great but most are more than 3 years old. The actual exam was upgraded due to government requests to be more difficult in 2010.
* Our goal is to eventually have at least 730 General tests and 730 Academic tests. Then you'll have 2 tests a day available for a year!
* Completely non-profit. We're a private organisation and wish to help as many students as possible around the world.

How can you help?

Spread the word to your friends about our tests. For every 27 tests we sell, we can add another reading, writing and speaking test to the collection. Email them this url: www.IELTSPracticeTests.com

Thank you for visiting IELTS Practice Tests