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With over 40,000 visitors a month we can't answer everyone's questions. Also, we used to get so many that just said "please help me pass the ielts exam for free" or "do you have any more free stuff?" not to mention the hundreds of spam emails a day, that it was best to disable the contact form.

Sorry about that.

Having said that, we do have an administration section for purchases. If you have purchased an IELTS test and have not been able to download it properly, you'll find a contact address for our sales contact in your emailed Paypal receipt.

If you are looking for a private IELTS tutor and are in Sydney, you can make an appointment to have a lesson with one of our tutors here: English Tutors Sydney

Some frequently asked questions

1. I am an experienced IELTS examiner and I want to write some IELTS tests for your site.
Thank you very much for your interest. At the moment we have enough IELTS practice test writers for 2013. If this changes in 2013 we'll put an announcement on this site.

2. When are you going to bring out more tests?
At the moment we hope to bring one new IELTS practice test out every 4 weeks. This is dependent on how many we sell so please tell your friends about the site For every 20-30 we sell, we can add another test, so the more you buy, the more tests we can add.

3. I don't know if the pdf is compatible with my computer.
Please install Adobe reader. The pdfs are compatible with all versions of Adobe Reader and have been tested on PCs and Macs.

4. I had problems downloading it.
Contact us via the email address in the sales form and we'll email it to you and check what the problem is.

5. I want to have someone mark my writing. Do you do that?

Please visit Adult English School's online shop to find out how you can pay one of Adult English School's IELTS tutors to mark your work for you:
Adult English School Shop

You may also be interested in English Lessons Online.

6.What score do I need to get?

The score you need depends on a number of factors including whether you need to do general or academic, whether you're applying for a student visa or permanent residency and whether you're being sponsored. Your age, country of origin, level of education and type of course you plan to do may also be a factor. We have no idea! Here are some approximates from Australia. This may not apply to you.

Student Visa Academic 5.5-8
Work Sponsorship General 6-7
Residency General 7.5-8

7. Can I do the test online?
IELTS does not have online testing facilities. You need to register in person and do the test in person with your own photographic ID. IELTS testing centres are aware many test takers try to get relatives to do the test in their place. Anyone discovered attempting this will be banned for life. Photographic ID is mandatory.

8. I need IELTS lessons.
If you're in the CBD areas of Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne we have IELTS tutors available. Find out more here IELTS Tutors

9. I'm not anywhere near you. Do you know any online tutors?
James would be happy to help you. Find out more at English Lessons Online. Or, visit Tutor Agent to find IELTS tutors from around the world.

Thank you for your interest in IELTS Practice Tests